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    Leader Ear Syringe/Nasal Aspirator, For Adults/Children/Babies,1ea

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    1 ear syringe & 1 nasal aspirator. Ear syringe unique safety guard. Nasa aspirator soft tip. Essential to Care since 1979. 100% money back guarantee. All Leader Brand Products Have a 100% money back guarantee. Return to place of purchase if not satisfied.


    Directions For Ear Syringe: Soften ear wax with 3-4 drops of olive oil or commercially available ear wax removal product. Fill ear syringe with lukewarm water (not hot water). Gently pull ear back to open and straighten ear canal. Insert tip of syringe just inside the ear canal. Do not push the syringe all the way in. gently squirt water into ear canal, then remove syringe and tilt head downwards to allow excess fluid to flow out of irrigated ear. Directions For Nasal Aspirator: Gently squeeze aspirator bulb before inserting tip into the nose. Gently insert tip into the nose while bulb is squeezed. Release pressure on the bulb to suck out mucus. Care Instructions: Wash prior to first use and after each use. Wash thoroughly in warm, soapy water (the nasal aspirator should be disassembled before cleaning). Rinse well. Sterilize by placing in boiling water for 10 seconds.


    Do not use an Ear Syringe if person has a tendency for ear infections, may currently have an ear infection, has had mastoid surgery, has had tubes inserted into the ear drum or has any type of ear pain. If the ear wax does not come out easily, consult your physician. These products are not toys. Keep out of reach of children.

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    • BRAND: Leader
    • FSA/HSA Eligible: FSA/HSA Eligible
    • PRODUCT TYPE: Aspirator
    • SIZE: 1 ea